Swiss Bike Trophy, Bern, SUI

Date: 03.06.2012

Description: XCO Race

3 start plus 6 laps, 1.40h racing time
9th place, 5 or what ever minutes off Julien Absalon

It was the weather poker, but still the strongest rider won!

We had such good summer weather for the last days. I loved it, so as the pollen too… and with the higher concentration of this small critters in the air, my summer love went downhill every day without rain. I could not sleep well, was tired for most the time and my nose was running like a water fall or blocked like old glue in a tube! I was fine on the bike, but next to it, it was pain.

Big rain was forecasted around race time, but obviously nobody could tell by the minute. At the start we had lined up any tire setups. From the biggest spike tires to semi slicks. I went for Fast Track (intermediate) in front and Renegade (dry) rear. Fast Track was the “bomb” but Renegade not! When I changed wheels (to Ground Control 1.8) I rode in 3rd position. Due the change felt back to 9th and got stuck in that position. I must admit my motivation was pretty much gone at that time and I definitely did not wanted to crash or messing up my leg in the running sections. Trans Germany starts Wednesday!

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