Swiss Bike Trophy, Bern, SUI

Date: 25.08.2011

Description: 1h City Race

18 laps, 1.11h racing time
16th place, more then 3min off winner Thomas Litscher

It was seriously pissing down for the first 20min, and made the evening dark before it got real dark.

I thought it will be a easy street race, but I was completely wrong! The main climb was really hard, plus all the wet obstacles, tight corners and stairs were painfully too, or hard to time for jumping it, since it was dark and wet.

I had a horrible start together in company with Burry. He disappeared very quickly though and still finished impressibly 3rd. I only started passing riders with 3 laps to go. I think it was a head thing, and I felt much better once I started to see “the light at the end of the tunnel”…

All in all it was a super event though! In which country can you organize a mtb race at the door step of the national parliament?

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