The Argus

110km, 2.40hrs racing time, 41.3km/h average speed
15th place, same time as finisher Herman Fouche

It is Arugs time! That means whole Cape Town is ruled by 40’000 riders and all what all comes with it. The Argus is the biggest timed cycling event in the world!

On Saturday the day before the race you can not park your bike in front of a coffee shop any more. The queues inside are crazy long. At Vida e Cafè in Stellenbosch even to the front door!

The start for us pros is still in the darkness. That means 4.30 wake up for being ready at 6.15.
My Zipp 404 racing wheels were not good to me that morning… I had some sort of valve issues to sort out with the team in the darkness until 10min before the start. Never give up! It was pretty stressful, since I still had to ride to the start, squeeze myself to the front of the toilet queue and then back to the start line… I just made it, but could not sign in any more. Small problem for the world!

The race itself only gets hard over the last two climbs. This year we could not form a small breakaway like last year, so we ended up being about 40 riders racing and attacking towards the finish line on the last flat’ish 15kms. I tired it a few times but now luck. I knew in the sprint I have no chance against a Fouche or van Heerden.

It was a awesome day and build up again. And hey, it does not sound bad to finish a race 15th out of 40’000, not?