The Epic Israel

I love to spice up my routine and when I got invited to Israel for to promote the Israel Epic -a three day stage race north Israel- I was excited about it. Not often the official tourism is behind it such a visit. Business flights, special airport corridor, my personal driver etc. but way more important the people were so friendly plus I learn so much about Israel, its citizen and problems.

Two nights I spend in Tel Aviv. The vibe reminded me about Cape Town, except there is no table mountain, but on the other hand I have seen only one police car within two days and yes there are mosques and minarets. Did you know 20% of the population in Israel are Arabs completely tolerated and accepted?

The Epic Israel is organized by Idit and Gal two avid mountain bikers who have been racing all over the world picking up the best ideas for organizing they’re own race. I am very happy to see how well the race develops due the right people behind working all professional plus the most important so many riders are hooked up riding the bike becomes such a passion in life.

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