Totalsports Challenge Kleinmond, RSA

Date: 14.01.2012

Description: Multi Sports Event

First Place

It was good to be in a competitive racing team again!
Last year we put a fun mixed team together. The waiting for my mtb leg- which is second last of the seven disciplines- made my cry already last year.

This year the race was packed with full of action! We were lying in second, when my time was to come for to shoot out for my 25km mountain bike leg. Our canoeist gave me the hand over about 15sec after David George already took off for the mtb. I passed him pretty quickly and managed to give our Zimbabwe runner a 6′ lead into the beach run. So we did it!

Those team events are pretty hectic, since nobody want to let the team down, especially when you do not have a designated start time. That I must admit, makes me pretty nervous.
I always have coffee at the nearby Arabella golf resort before my start and wait for the call from the team manager to head over. As you can see, I try to give away a little bit of timing responsibility… I make sure I have payed my coffee before hand. Sometimes to get a bill here in South Africa can take a little while.

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