Visiting Colombia

Visiting and racing in Colombia is cool!

It has been an amazing journey again taking part at “La Leyenda” plus being part of various activities with Specialized Colombia.

Monsterrate with Larry, high above Bogota.


Local ride in Bogota. Breakfast with Andrea & Pablo, eating arepa, aguapanela (cane sugar water) with cheese. By the way we rode a ancient trail which was patrolled by police on bikes.


Media visits have been part of the game too. We more and less spend the whole day in taxis & studios the day before we left to Manizales.


Coffee coffee coffee in Manizales, which is also the headquarter of Specialized Colombia. The city is build completely on top of a mountain, surrounded by coffee farmers. We had the chance to visit a cooperativa plus a coffee farm where they also roast they’re own coffee. Not that I would call me now coffee specialist, but I know so much more then before, plus also the business & people behind it. Everywhere we went we got such warm welcomes!


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