Wines2Whales, Western Cape/RSA

Date: 07.11.2014 – 09.11.2014

Description: Stage Race

Friday: 74km, 1500m of climbing, 3.08h
First Place, 7min ahead of Team Kargo

Saturday: 68km, 1200m of climbing, 2.35h
First Place, 3min ahead of Team Kargo

Sunday: 76km, 1200m of climbing, 2.52h
Second Place, few seconds behind Team Kargo

This year I was racing it and not only taking part of this amazing organized trail-wonder stage race. is the official charity of w2w and offers us a great platform to raise money and awareness.
We sold my entry since my original paying partner had to go for a business trip, so I jumped into Konny Looser’s free spot. Great decision since I could ride with race speed through the flowy trails plus Konny is a fun Swissie which I know since a long time. The perfect combo and i loved it! But was so much more about racing though! I really enjoyed the company of the whole songo crew and guest riders over the three days. Lots of laughing, eating and drinking and thanks god to all the hours in the saddle next to it, it kept us balanced…

The first 2 days Konny and I “dominated” the trails and we won with a good margin, the last one we took it more conservatively but I must admit, it would have been very very hard to break away (if even possible) of the very strong Kargo boys. We raced on a high level or thats how it felt to me.

Thanks to every one who joined and supported us over those days of riding and also to Stillwaters the organization who puts this amazing race together and allows us to be the official charity.

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