Word Cup Dalby Forest, UK

Date: 22.05.2011

Description: Cross Country

1 start plus 6 laps,1.43h racing time
8th place, 1.52min down winner Jaroslav Kulhavy

Unfortunately no happy ending for me, but a great weekend for the team, with Jaroslav being the first xco race winner ever on a 29er bike!

I was happy with my start, and in 15th position I went into the first single trail. I have never seen Jaroslav or Absalon though. They took off right away and had a time trial by them self the whole race long. Not me though! We always have been a group racing for 3rd. I felt very good especially towards the end. It was in a long single trail where I took over the lead and I was ready to put all my energy into the last 15min. Unfortunately a rock or what ever hit my front derailleur bended it to the outside, so also the chain came off. I had to stop for the fix and I restarted the race in 13th position again. That certainly was not fun, but hope never dies! I almost came back to the group who battled for 3rd. Almost is not completely…

Anyway I am now looking forward to the next round on Sunday in Germany. It is my favorite course and I have always raced well there!

Tonight we are going to celebrate at a Indian Restaurant next door to our B&B

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Some random pictures from Dalby