World Championships Marathon, Pietermaritzburg/RSA

Date: 29.06.2014

Description: Marathon Race

95km, 3000m of climbing, 4.19min racing time
Third place, 4.14min off Jaroslav Kulhavy

I always want to be better then the year before or in this case defending my world champ title!

The weeks and months before I had the perfect days every day for this one day! Also the course was just made for me, especially the last 25km with lots of single trails and hard climbs. I did not care that much on the build up before those 25km but from there on I knew every corner, every rock every percentage of the climbs!

At the end unfortunately it was not so important to know those last kms any more… Just after feed zone 4 at around km 30 there was a longer portage section on and off, very rocky with stairs. I hit my chain blade on a rock carrying my bike next to me. When I jumped on my bike I knew there is something very wrong. A noise I did not know before but it sounded like big trouble and then my chain was off the blade. A chainring tooth was completely bend. What to do now? I was looking for a small rock, but karma I did not find one after damaging my bike with one…. I kept on going a little in search for for a stone, but after trying to get one off the ground (was too big and solid in it) I tried it with my co2 bomb and foot which finally straightened it but there was still a brow which kept dropping the chain. that problem I solved it by rasping down and up the chain over the the brow.

The leading group by that time was gone by far and I restarted the race on 23rd place like 3.30 to 4min down. I definitely did not feel good at all from that moment onwards. In those moments you instantly loose the “tunnel” vision and you end up absorbing what is all around you: the legs, gears, temperature and what ever else comes into your senses. It is similar like on a hard training ride. I have experienced many of those situations in my carrier. I am a person who never gives up and holding onto the last bit of hope always!

My bad luck out there was a small problem compare to Burry who would have loved to be in this race too!!!

I did start catching a lot of riders but never any of the leading group which was very frustrating and gave me an indication how far I was off the leaders. Only during the last hour and a half when some riders payed the toll of the race length plus the fast beginning speed I managed to ride into third. Sure a very good performance but not result I wanted.

Jaro won this race with his endurance and raw power. Very happy for him and the team. He really had a difficult season so far. Also Anika took the title impressively on her new Specialized Era fully and Tereza in third. Four medals, four different bikes! Which bike brand can offer that??? A huge thanks also to our amazing team who offered us riders the very best environment to perform at this level!

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