World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN

Date: 02.07.2011

Description: XCO Race

6 laps, 1.40h racing time
8th place, 4.31min behind winner Jaroslav Kulhavy

I had a good week here in Quebec. It was all about recovering from Marathon Worlds and the long travel with a 6h time zone.

Due the course was wet during most days, I only went pre riding it the day before. Not sure if I should have practiced it more, but then my recovery would have suffered.
The course here is like speed trial style… lots of roots, rock gardens, corners, grooves!
For the first half of the race I did not get my technical skills together, also because for the most downhills I was not clicked in, into my pedal on the right side. With all the mud on it I always slipt to the outside until I completely clicked off. It was scary!
I still lived the marathon life in my legs and head…my lap times got faster every lap, but here the race was over after 1.45h!

My team mate Jaroslav had a untouchable race and was soloing from the start to the finish! His second win on the Epic 29er this year.
I raced Stumpjumper 29er, which was incredible fast and good handling on the uphills, but down the mountain or over flat rooty part I was missing some suspension under my butt. I am now in doubt what bike I should race at Worlds in Champéry, where the course is similar technical like here. Think I have to do some test runs later in the year.

Now I am enjoying a chilled Sunday, before flying tomorrow down to Windham for the next round.

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