World Cup Mont St. Anne, CAN

Date: 23.06.2012

Description: XCO Race

1 start plus 6 laps, dnf

A serious day of nothing… I was not even nervous before the start because I had no energy but I was full of emptyness!
More and less for the whole race i was settled in 30th place and I only passed riders when they crashed out over the handle bars or had flat tires. With more then one lap to go it started to rain heavily and I took this as a sign to drop out. Great excuse! 🙂 It is only the second time ever that I stop a race just because I wanted to stop and not due a mechanical or crash.

No idea why I am so tired for the last two weeks. I might have raced too much lately. After my Trans Germany win it only went downhill. So I will take it more then super super easy this week and hopefully for Windham it will come together again.

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