World Cup Nove Mesto, CZE

Date: 14.08.2011

Description: XCO Race

1 start plus 7 laps, 1.45h racing time
8th place, 2.46min behind winner Jaroslav Kulhavy

Amazing crowd here in Nove Mesto, and everybody went crazy for Jaro who sealed his first overall World Cup victory. Congratulations! 4th win in a row…

On my side I was not a bomb for the first half of the race. My body was not really switched on. I could not eat, drink or sweat, but what you can not blow into the air at the beginning you have left at the end of the race. I came from around fifteenth to eight so that was good! Sure my full suspension Epic 29er helped to save energy towards the end, on the other side I missed the super fast acceleration of my Stumpjumper hardtail. Not sure if the race would be tomorrow again what bike I would choose. Something I know for sure I will recover much better because all the bumps absorbed my rear shock and not my body!

Tomorrow we have a 900km drive ahead to Val di Sole in Italy. It is going to be like a long haul flight! 🙁

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