World Cup Offenburg, GER

Date: 29.05.2011

Description: Cross Country

1 start plus plus 7 laps, 1.49h racing time
13th place, 3.20min down to winner Julien Absalon

Seriously this was not a good day for me! First I broke a front spoke battling with Absalon into a trail (rode into his quick release), then I crashed and finally on position three together with Maxime Marotte I had a rear flat tire. I tried to run as fast as a cyclist can run to the tech zone, but I must say my moral was gone. When Benno changed my rear wheel I could also bend the broken spoke around a other one, so my annoying spoke bell finally stopped!

Next stop Trans Germany on Wednesday. Very looking forward to 99% asphalt or fire road racing 🙂

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