World Cup Val d’Isere, FRA

Date: 28.07.2012

Description: XCO Race

6laps, 1.39 racing time
14th place, 5.12min behing winner Nino Schurter

A good race for my way towards Leadville100!

As I mentioned it was my last world cup race ever! I always wanted to be a pro sportsmen from a very young age on. I did not expected to be one for such a long time, and I will still be it for a few more years, just on the marathon side. XCO World are still a big goal for me this year!

Even it was my last last World Cup, on the pedaling side it did not feel any different, except I got many special cheerings before, during and after the race. Thanks!

The weather made the race pretty difficult. I was glad I changed to Fast Track tires right before the start. A amazing intermediate setup! I can ride it with very low psi (22/23), it is good self cleaning, very good rolling by low weight.
The conditions changed from lap to lap. From slippery to sticky to almost dry. I crashed in the slippery lap by running straight into a rock. As a result I did superman down the forest. Luckily bike and man was alright, but I lost quite a bit of time or the top ten at that point. I was very lucky when I crossed the finish line together with Jaro (he waited for me). The altitude made the racing tough up here in the french alps for sure!

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