World Cup Windham, USA

Date: 30.06.2012

Description: XCO Race

6 laps, 1.43h racing time
21st place, 5.26 behind todays winner Burry Stander

Except the day before the race I did zero intensities. I just wanted to rest up, since I was so empty in Mont St. Anne. My hear rate was definitely up the roof, but this was also due the very hot weather here in the Catskill Mountains. They are not very high but way hight enough for hosting a climbers course.

I felt really good on the first lap but then in the first downhill I had a no footer (somehow I unclipped off my pedals) over a jump and I broke my saddle. In the pits it got a new seat and seat post. Thanks to my mechanic Dylan that the new setup was almost a 100% perfect for continuing the race. I was a little bit off the pace and concentration and crashed into a tree close where I broke my saddle the lap before. Sure I passed quite a lot of riders during the race, but my lap times where not crushing fast.

Was great to see Burry taking his second World Cup win, and Todd -after a slow first lap- taking over the race and some of the fastest lap times out there and finishing 4th. His best world cup result ever!

I am ready for a few good weeks at home and two race free weekends. Hopefully summer weather awaits me!

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