Garmin VIRB and VIRB 360°

Until a few months ago I thought Garmin can “only” manufacture the best gps computers, but since I am owning Garmin VIRB and a VIRB 360 action cameras I know better! I am now a huge fan of they’re cameras too!

It is very easy to operate and even without previous action camera knowledge you wont need to study a manual upside down. The touch screen (works perfectly also with gloves and in the protection case) is more and less self explaining. Only for a few points I had to consult Google for reconfirmation.
What can VIRB do more/different vs Gopro? It can record and display the desired data called G-Metrix (heart rate, altitude, power, speed, gradient etc.) with the software into the video. To start/stop filming is a switch and not a button. Very practical, you physically feel that the camera is in on or off mode. Dealing with a button can become fuzzy especially when operating with gloves. It also works well with voice command, but I personally prefer to use it with the hardware or touch screen.
The VIRB has all the gadgets, seriously for everything! The case can be even made waterproof (50meters) by simply changing the door of the case.
Use WLAN, Bluetooth, or ANT for uploading videos/photos or connecting to other devices like your cell phone or Garmin computer. I personally upload my videos/pictures with a USB cable. Then I also make sure the battery is charged again for the next adventure. Battery life last more and less for 45-60min depending on which quality your are recording. I most the time have a spare battery with me. Sometimes I forget to turn it off on my rides.
After playing around with the VIRB software, you quickly find out it is simple to edit the clips. I tried out other editing software too, but I find the VIRB super simple. Note with the other software you can not make the G-Metrix data visible!
I honestly never thought I am becoming a action camera fan! Why should I bring an other gadget with me, especially I don’t want to sit more behind the computer due editing afterwards. I got taught different… it is fun to capture exciting moments and see how they turned out at home on the big screen and having those memories for ever.
VIRB 360
Simply unreal to watch a ride in 360° view. I mean really 360° all around. Checking the sky, the ground, the helmet (where the cam is mounted on) front, rear etc. Best to sit in a revolving chair and move with your cell phone all around. Unfortunately not every channel (Instagram, facebook) supports 360° view yet.
Have a look at my Instagram videos. All shot with a Garmin VIRB:

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