Makes your life little bit better in wet conditions

Here a quick tip for converting your bike for wet conditions….


The good old fender. I like several models from SKS. The extra duct tape helps to keep most of the water making your legs wet. Very important tape has to be installed super close to the tire.


A fork fender works well, but can be installed only on cyclo cross bikes or mtb, but it does not keep the water off splashing all the way to the top and front of tire when riding at faster pace. It will end up in your face guaranteed. Like in the rear add duct tape very close to the tire, it will help a “miracle”!


I like to wear a cap with a proper visor and not one of those “goofy” road caps. As bigger the visor as better it keeps the rain off your glasses. It almost feels cozi being so protected under the visor!

Also a good tip is to duct tape off your shoe boodies/covers around the top. Like this no rain will run down you leg into the shoes.

Forget my tips in case it rains buckets

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