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Pedals, grips and especially saddles are key components on the bike. They are the only contact surfaces during so many hours of riding your bicycle. Trained or not to be trained, still your butt and all the other sensitive points will get sore at one point of your rides. Next to comfort, a good saddle has to give me a direct connection to the bike. The padding can’t be too soft nor too hard, the material has to be grippy but smooth plus the width is very important too because the two pelvis bones should support your weight on the saddle and not the “meat” around it. (see picture below)

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Obviously I don’t have long term or lets say long hour experience in other saddle brands next to Specialized. I used to be a Phenom saddle lover. I can not tell you how many weeks or better months that this was my butt’s home place. Now I have changed all my bikes to the new Power Saddle. Why?

  • I can push into the saddle especially as more as I duck for a climbing or aero position and I still have great power transfer.
  • The nose of the Power Saddle is super short, less nose equals less rise on very steep climbs. A conventional saddle with a nose double as long automatically rises more and it is just in your way. You are not able to push into the saddle any more, since that bloody long nose is more and less “stabbing you”!
  • Especially for women it is difficult to find the perfect saddle. I only got positive feedback from the women side and the power saddle was even raced to victory at the Cape-Epic women category.
  • The padding is super light, grippy but still smooth. It gives me a direct connection to the saddle.

The back of the saddle is pretty wide, which is not ideal when moving back and forth for weight distribution in steeper downhill sections. It is no problem for the road or mountain bikes with dropper post. I firstly had to get used to it, but the positive points outweigh by far over that point.

You might be skeptical due the shortness of the saddle. I was worried too that I wont have all the room or length to play with, but I actually found that the extra length is unnecessary. With the short Power Saddle you find the ideal position right away. It basically does not give you the option for a wrong position!

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