Rotor INpower and Q-Rings

I have been on power meters since 1999. Power Tap, SRM and now INpower from Rotor. First of all I love the stiffness and weight of the cranks and how simple and easy the system is. For example it operates with AA batteries which you can buy at any gas station.
Power meters usually are not very reliable especially in rain or hosing down the bike. INpower has not let me down once and I do have the exact numbers on my display which helps me for the most for my intervals. Those numbers really kick my butt… I don’t want to be weaker then on my workouts the week or year before! It gives me a great indication of my current shape and what my weakness is. As you might know I am on oval chainrings since many years.
It smoothens out the “dead spots” and I generate more power when the leverage is ideal. (four o’clock’ish) As a result I safe energy and I ride my bike faster!

I had no adaptation problems. Two days before Roc d’Azur I tried out the Q-Rings the first time. I finished on the podium in both the XCO & XCM event. One year later I wanted to experiment and two days before the XCM I changed back to round rings again. I had a terrible race. Pushing my legs over the twelve o’clock position felt like climbing a mountain itself. I finished out of top ten. Right after the race I swapped back to Q-Rings and on the XCO two days later I felt great and finished on the podium.

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