Stumpjumper FSR

It is the bike which covers the biggest fun range. The perfect bike for any terrain and conditions! It is probably like with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The whole package is what you are in love with! I am sure you always find a hottie with longer legs, prettier face, firmer butt or more money. The new Stumpjumper FSR offers you the biggest and best package of fun and performance. A package you want to stick with!

The short chainstays makes the bike very nimble and low bottom bracket easy to handle. The first time I rode it, it felt like it handles as the Epic but with the suspension of the Enduro Bike.

The rear shock has three modes: full open, pedal platform and a not real close mode. In my eyes a closed mode has to be closed especially when there are three modes to choose from. I don’t like sag or even small wobbling when riding out of the saddle. Probably it is still the racing snake in me. Gladly I got a custom made one with a very firm lockout just in time for the Trans Vesubienne trail race.

One of the most unique feature is the SWAT integrated in the down tube. I normally store two tubes, two big co2 bombs or a pump, derailleur hanger, chainbraker, chain link and zip ties in it. Everything is easy accessible and rattle free.
I always had a pretty conservative attitude of telescope seat posts. Not stiff enough, heavy and an extra cable, just not simple enough. Now I must admit I am a really big fan of the command post. I am descending so much safer and as a result going faster. The biggest advantage with it is cornering due the lower center of gravity, I can absorb big bumps better with my legs and also restarting in technical steep terrain becomes easy!

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