Tire sealant “NoZisch” and Dynaplug

Since years I am not riding with tubes any more. Back in 2003 with a good friend together we experimented with different car foam sealants, bought in hardware shops. It was a mess especially at the beginning, but very quickly we knew how to apply it the best way and we kept it our secret. I remember at a Swiss Cup race I had a pinch flat in the rear. The sealant was spraying all over until it sealed the hole and luckily I still won the race. The competitor behind me had no idea what was going on. His kit was gone with all the sealant all over it. Yes, good sealant you can not wash out of your clothes any more.

A Cape-Epic without a good sealant is basically impossible to ride due all the thorns and big rocks. Adding a tube is the very last option and worst case scenario. I am always trying to plug the hole/cut with my Dynaplugs

It is so easy to apply. Pinch the metal arrow through the hole and pull the tool out again. The soft and sticky rubber part seals the hole and the metal arrow makes sure the plug sits bullet proof in the tires hole. It is absolutely worst case scenario when the cut is too big and you have to apply a tube. First try to take off all the thorns and remaining sealant, adding the bloody tube and then just pray no more thorns are in you way. Add enough air with the tube, because pinch flatting is much easier with a tube then with sealant only.

Try everything before adding a tube! Even apply two or three plugs. The big advantage with Dynaplug is the metal head which keeps the plugs bullet proof in the tire and can not be ripped off again. I am riding that tire with two Dynaplugs on the picture below since weeks and I don’t loose any air at all!


Since a few years I am also having my own tire sealant called No Zisch. http://www.nozisch.com It is a high performing sealant made in South Africa. I have won three Cape-Epic’s with it. The entire Specialized Racing team plus many other pro teams are having the trust in this sealant, what makes me proud! It is a super sticky sealant which even seals bigger holes without plugging. Never I had better results with a different sealant!