Christmas Tour du Jura

I always wanted to ride through the Jura our second mountain range west of the Alps. Never thought I will do it in the winter though, but it’s been so mild and we had free days right after Christmas. The light was extremely special due the low sun standings even at noon, but since the days were short we brought our lights just in case. The one day it got way too late when we crossed the French/Swiss boarder on a single trail deep in the forest.

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Climbing 800m uphill from Lake Geneva into the Jura mountains.


We mostly rode above 1000m and we had a “non warm” welcome for the first 2h!


Hope never dies and after walking and crashing we finally made it and luckily the conditions improved.

Beatuiful Lac de Joux


I was on my Cyclo Cross “Crux” my girlfriend on the road bike. We packed light, although despite the mild weather we had to bring warm jackets and what we needed for staying over night in hotel.


A good beer always counts!


Calm before the storm… we knew it is going to be late since to our next hotel it was quite far and according to my map off road sections were waiting for us, but who wants to leave such a nice spot at the Lac de Joux in a rush!?


Riding into darkness in France. By the way UCI World Champs 1993 were held just behind the mountain range in the back. It was my first ever championship and I finished 15th in downhill and around 40th in cross country the next day.

1.5h to go until hotel. Luckily our batteries were fully loaded.

Back in Switzerland

Cold when it was shadowy

Off road section to Creux du Van

Creux du Van, 500m deep and…

1200m wide! It got developed during back during ice age due erosion.


My lady loves the off road road biking…

view 1

View from Le Soliat


Le Soliat

From where is the wind normally blowing? (clue: tree)

Living and feeling free on our bikes!



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