Dents du Midi

There are a few mountains which are just too nice not to climb, even it is not possible to ride to the top of them. But who would hike all the way when you can ride near the top?


Dents du Midi is one of my home mountains and it was about time to get to the top! The highest peak is Haute Cime 3257m on the right side of the picture.

My brother, a old friend and I, we started with our bikes in Martigny climbed up to Lac de Salanfe via Finhaut. At the beginning easy on asphalt but then the last 600m steep and rocky. Last water point is the restaurant next to the lake Salanfe. From there on we tried to ride up the hiking trail as long as possible towards Col de Susanfe.

(my strava ride)


Unfortunately we left the bikes behind us too early, because only later we found out that there was a rideable trail on the left side of Col de Susanfe.



Col de Susanfe, first goal in reach.

dsc01135 dsc01144

It took us about 2.5hrs from the point we left the bikes to the top. Large stone desert!

dsc01146 dsc01150 dsc01157 img_2191 dsc01160

Amazing views on top of Haute Cime!


As a mountain biker you don’t want to hike downhill somewhere it would be rideable. Luckily most of it would not have been. I had one of my worst muscle pain the days after!

dsc01180 dsc01182 dsc01188 img_2200

Back on my Stumpjumper dropping down all the way to the valley, celebrating with a big fat burger and beers!

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