Mont Blanc region

I love finding out new trails and small bike adventures. After my last World Championships Erik Kleinhans and I decided to explore more of the Mont Blanc region. I have been there in the past, but the weather never played to my favor and I could never seen the white giant, the highest mountain in Europe with its impressive 4810m.


It was seriously hot over the whole week. Very necessary water spring below Dents de Morcles.


Downtown Chamonix.


Never wrong with a French bakery.


Le Brevent above Chamonix. It was really steep and that day we walked a little bit more then we rode time wise, but luckily only uphill. The downhills were difficult but everything rideable.


Mont Blanc you beauty! As you can see I was riding my new Stumpjumper. What you can not see is that my whole down tube is stuffed with all my spares. Thanks to our Specialized SWAT technology! Otherwise I would have to have a big saddle bag which means high center of gravity, dirty saddle bag, shit look plus the drop post can not used to its limit. Packing the spares in your backpack is just to heavy.


It is important not to pack too much over all those days. Check weather forecast well, but even then you have no guarantee. Last year it even started snowing on 2500m… then you don’t mind when you carried a warm gore-tex jacket and pants over all the other days and never used it before! Next to that I only have light short pants and a tshirt for the evening in the hotel. Obviously some fresh sox as well! Next to functional wear I bring toiletry, spares (tubes, pump, multitool, derailleur hanger, brake pats, plier, cable, zip tights cable ties, duct tape) , chargers, and an emergency pack in case of a crash.


Never risk too much, just a little 😉 A nasty crash could end up the adventure.


When the bike is not handy any more.


No man’s land for a whole day. Chamonix-Samoens.


Lac d’Anterne


Lac d’Anterne with the impressive Tete à l’Ane in the backdrop.


My new girlfriend.


A good lunch is always important. Erik knows it as well!


Rest in Samoens.


Near Morzine. That day we went bike hiking. Was a nice try but my feeds & brain were so sore afterwards… Would not do this route any more for sure!


Almost back home after an amazing week. A sweet mountain ridge above Champéry/Switzerland.

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